Your Partner in Recovery


‘My business – 12 step trails – was born out of
my love of helping addicts find freedom from
addiction and live a full and happy life.
I am myself in the 12 step fellowship
fully immersed in a recovery lifestyle’

12 Step Trails offers Recovery Coaching using Outdoor Adventure as

part of your recovery journey

We help people get and stay on the path of Addiction Recovery and Eating disorder support.

Who we are

12 Step Trails was founded and is managed by Ruth Rudolph. Our programmes are co-faciliated by Lerato Kossie and Sharon Deal. In addition, we employ highly qualified outdoor and adventure specialists when these skills are required. Outdoor and adventure activities include rock climbing, abseiling and hiking.



Trained as a recovery coach through the Foundation Clinic in Johannesburg. She has worked in this field for the past four years. Much of her work during this period involved eating disorders.



A highly skilled facilitator and team leader. In addition to his facilitation skills, he is also a trained hiking guide.



A life coach specialising in self actualisation and personal development. Most of her courses are run at Gecko Rock, her farm near Touwsrivier, but she works throughout South Africa.

The 12 Step Trails method

Our recovery programmes are practical steps starting with acceptance of your

addiction all the way through to a lifelong commitment to your recovery journey.

Our programme is specifially designed to make the 12 steps fun, accessible and exploratory.

Our main focus is on steps 1, 2 and 3, then 10, 11 and 12. Steps 4 to 9 are expanded upon with your sponsor.
These steps are designed to become part of your life. Once you have
mastered Step 1, you move on to Step 2, while still practicing Step 1, and so on.

Step 1 is the admission of your powerlessness over your addiction and the unmanageability it has caused in your life.


Step 2 is developing a connection with your Higher Power, whatever that may be.


Step 3 is turning your will and your life over the care of your higher power.


This programme is spiritual, not religious. Your higher power will be what inspires you. This could be nature, the fellowship, or a religious God if that is what you need.


Step 10 is the only step that can be practices out of sequence. This step is a daily inventory of where you are and how far you have come.


Step 11 is developing and cementing your chosen method of spiritual practise, whether that be meditation or prayer.


Step 12 is finding the flow or connectedness in your life and offering the fruit of your awakening to those starting the same journey