12 Step Trails is all about learning to find balance, stability, and our inner drive to support long-lasting wellness.

We take clients into the wilderness on guided adventure experiences that incorporate a wide variety of modalities. The wilderness is without a doubt however our biggest and most powerful teacher. The most significant lessons and insights you will have will be as a result of the power of Mother Nature.

We think you just need a breath of fresh mountain air, whether it’s for a full day experience or a powerful fun fun-filled weekend retreat.

12 Step Trails has a unique offering. Mother Nature is the best classroom. Here, touching & impactful life lessons are learned.

Some of our modalities include but are not limited to  –  hiking single day and multi-day, mountaineering, rock climbing & abseiling, yoga, mindfulness, individual and group coaching, business and career coaching, team building activities, and events including corporate events and year-end functions to name a few. Discovery all we have to offer by joining us on a weekend retreat or a full-day excursion. If you have the time and want the opportunity to experience a life-changing retreat – come on a 3 to 5 day adventure. You will learn more about how to apply recovery tools in your daily life, and how to deal with and manage daily stressors in a far more balanced way. We can only change ourselves, we are only responsible for ourselves and our own recovery. With 12-step trails you will learn how through setting boundaries and approaching challenges with a new mindset, one can change dynamics that have been in place within work 

environments, home settings, and even with friends and close ones. The learning doesn’t need to end after a retreat. Follow-up sessions can be booked with our professional team and guidance around who would be the best fit for you would be given whether it is within the company or one of the many practitioners we deal with. Money doesn’t need to be something that limits your interactions with our company. Full sponsored beds are available as well as negotiated rates for day courses and weekend retreats. The bigger the group the more sponsored beds we will be able.

Is private healthcare too expensive for you? We have a strong connection to government options, the 12-step fellowship groups, and practitioners who charge very affordable rates.

Money must not come in the way of your mental health! There are far more resources out there than one realizes, let us show you where to go. 

Letting go, trusting in the process, and having faith are all part of a day out in the sun. Depending on how much time you have available this can be a 1-day, 2-day course, or even a retreat ranging from 3 to 10 days long.


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    We can help with:

    Ruth Rudolph owner and the director is a trained recovery coach, we also have, and life coaches, career and business coaches at hand.  The owner and director also has extensive experience and understanding of the 12-step program. Ruth is immersed in it as a result of her eating disorder, from which she has been in recovery for the last 9.5 years. Recovery is possible both from addictions and mental health challenges. You can’t do it alone and you don’t need to any longer! Coaching is extremely practically based, and all about action & accountability in the present. Coaches do NOT replace the need for a counsellor, occupational therapist, social worker, or psychiatrist. This NEEDS is to be strongly emphasized. We as coaches are not trained in trauma therapy but we can most certainly direct you to the best and tailors treatment available.  

    12 steps Trails aims to help those with addictions or crippling mental health problems to find and maintain stability through a tailored and unique program specially designed for your personal needs. Dot get stuck in the relapse cycle or simply stuck and unhappy in one’s life. “A life beyond your wildest dreams” is possible for everyone and my intention is to give my clients the skills and support structures to achieve their highest potential.

    Our client profiles include:


    Addiction including but not limited to –

    As well as;

    Disclaimer: no predators will be welcomed. 12 step trails offer a safe space to find recovery from addiction – anyone breaking the rules set in place to keep the vulnerable safe, will be asked to leave and be assisted in returning home. The transportation cost will fall on the client we do not offer free transport)

    Disclaimer – we do not replace the need for primary care facilities and do NOT offer detox retreats. While we do have a trained registered psychiatric nurse on these retreats, a full psychiatric evaluation with our nurse and director will be necessary. Our retreat may be too intensive for you at the present moment. We will look forward to working with you in the future when you have received the necessary help you need at that time. 

    Your future self will thank you!

    Your Path Towards Wellness

    We work with all those struggling with mental health. We do specialize in working with recovering addicts and contract to some treatment centres and halfway houses in and around Cape Town. No one needs to suffer in silence there is a community out there to support you, whether its struggling with co-dependency within a family unit or maybe living with a drug addict or alcoholic. We also work with addicts and their families or carers of addicts, giving them the best possibility of sustained recovery through introducing them to all the resources available to them in their area, both charged and free.

    We offer our clients the opportunity to explore their inner landscape, and to learn to love and forgive themselves for mistakes made while living with the pain and having no support. As they always say in an airplane – put your mask on first before assisting others with theirs. We need to fill your cup in order to be a support to a loved one or even a community member. 12 Step Trails knows all about filling ones cup. Let us help you with it.

    We also realize there is a huge lack of support for those professionals working in the addiction field. Where do they go for help? A place where it is safe to share our own struggles without judgment? What do they do if they have relapsed, and need support? 12 Step trails is in the process of setting up support groups, and in this way creating a safe space for healthcare workers to also get support so they can better serve themselves first, and in that way better serve the needs of their beloved clients. 

    Fill out this in the quick questionnaire to see if this group would be applicable to you. This is a completely anonymous survey it is just to assess your needs and see if this group is the right fit.

    Let’s take this one step at a time #yougotthis

    12 Step Trails

    The vision of 12 Step Trails is to make the 12 Step program accessible, fun and explorative for addicts and those affected by their addiction. The plan is to take clients into the wilderness on adventure experiences.

    We will use the following activities to achieve the desired outcomes; Hiking or mountaineering, rock climbing, and abseiling.

    I believe that nature has an incredibly powerful tool and 12 Step Trails plans to use it to reach our clients.

    Day & Weekend Courses

    12 Step Trails incorporates the 12-step program in a fun and interactive environment for addicts. Clients get to experience being in the present and being in breath-taking parts of the country.

    Areas we work in;

    • Cape Town – Table Mountain, Slivermine, Higgovale Quarry, Lakeside Pinnicle, Shoorsteenskop – Hout Bay to name a few
    • Paarl Rock
    • Kleinmond
    • Hellfire – Huguenot Tunnel
    • Matroosberg outside Ceres
    • Montagu Route 62
    • Cederberg – Rocklands, Wolfberg cracks & arch, Rooiberg, Truitjieskraal, and Houdenbek to name a few areas.

    We tailor the program to the client’s needs, desires, and aspirations